Children's Murals
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A Dramatic Dolphin leaping out of the sea fills this child's bedroom wall.


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artist: Alberta Calcango

The story begins with Peter Pan Wendy and her brother and Tinker Bell flying out through the bedroom window then around the room they land in Never Never Land and meet with Captain Hook who then finally in the last corner meets with the Crock - tick tock!

A lucky kid's room has been turned into a wrap around Disney fantasy - transforming what was once an austere guest room.

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artist: Alberta Calcango

A wish came true for this little lad...... pokemon1.jpg (206651 bytes)
Peekachoo.jpg (198654 bytes) should have seen his face when he opened his door
Disney are always favourites for Children's rooms as they are timeless.

Mickey Mouse had a slight accident while painting this piece!

Artist: Ciara O'Connor - (about Ciara)



Artist: Ciara O'Connor

Exhibition of Children's Mural work by Ciara O'Connor at the Homes and Garden Stand - to see other finishes at this stand click here