CORPORATE FINISHES #1 - Office Interiors
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These finishes provide the highest quality available, using multilayered effects that give sometimes subtle complex textural qualities that are ideally suited to the office environment.  There uniqueness help with corporate identity and add colour in an environment which traditionally can be dull.

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The walls of this Law practice have been treated with a variety of distressed finishes which impart soft tonal and textural qualities, and add interest to what could be otherwise dull. Yet subtlety, sophistication and restraint are observed to reflect the character of the firm

D.G. O'Donavan, Limerick
Architect: Kostos Wootis, Murray O'Laire

The pattern achieved with this finish is larger than above, although the technique is similar. The setting in a university is somewhat less formal. Very hard wearing for public areas.

Student Centre, UCC, Cork
Architect: David Lanigan, A.D.Wejchert

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The walls in this executive’s suit have a casual yet contemporary feel, which suits the intimacy of the room, and the relaxed atmosphere looked for.

GPA, Shannon
Architect: Kostos Wootis, Murray O'Laire