CORPORATE FINISHES #2 - Office Interiors
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"Just don't know what to do with those unsightly structural columns!" 


In large image on close inspection it can be seen how the general colour scheme is reflected in the finish, here a pale green is predominant with an accent of deep red which subtley forms the base for this technique.

IFSC, Dublin
Architect: John Cantrell, Cantrell Crowley Archs


The picking out of feature walls adds interest and helps break up large featureless areas a multicoloured distressed wall here is used to good effect and picks up on colours and textures to from an abstract painting so providing a harmonious background

Guiness Peat Aviation, Shannon

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Reception feature walls are an ideal place to use high quality finishes, they provide imact and the relatively small area allow for a  reasonable budget.  

IFSC, Dublin   
Designer: Welplan   

See close up below:

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