▼ Is this a mural of an Italian scene?


Actually it is of "Garnish Island" off the southern Irish coast in Co.Cork at Glengarriff.


Murals and Trompe L'oeil #1
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stairs sml.JPG (11929 bytes)

A 'dead' wall over looked by a restaurant has been give trompe l'oeil treatment (trick the eye)

View through a window this image can fool the observer quite successfully.

The other part of the illusion is provided for by painted panels which have been secured to the back of these heavy dark doors again giving visual interest to this otherwise dull area

Two mural painted into nieces in a city conservatory providing views of fantasy gardens
statuarysml.jpg (20035 bytes)

One of a lone lemon tree appears here with views to distant mountains make up this
  Italianate styled scene

Lemontreesml.jpg (18044 bytes)





Burrencompletesml.jpg (15207 bytes)

Trompe l'oeil or Mural - both!

The owners of this dark kitchen in the city can look out on a familiar scene from their house in the country.  Featured are some of the many unique fauna to be found in the west of Ireland's 'Burren'

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