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Trompe L'oeil and Mural meet in this small wc. These client look out over a scene that greets them from their Holiday home in Provence in France. The owners model car collection faithfully reproduce atop of bookcases, this one is the James Bond Aston Martin

In a room where one can be left sitting without much to occupy, there is plenty of distraction, the book title have socially witty titles which refer to their friends.

So what was once a drab windowless WC is now a visual gem

Sitting above the door in a trompe l'oeil niche is the aptly title  ' The Goddess of Relief '

Murals and Trompe l'oeil #2
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Trompe L'oeil duck hanging on Faux Painted Panelling

PISA Restaurant - a Trompe L'oeil of the ground plan of the Tower of Pisa