RESIDENTIAL- traditional 1
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Simple but effective, colourwashes appeal is their naturalness, they lend a soft ethereal quality which if done subtly compliments a tradition setting.

This traditional looking dining room has been treated with strips, but unlike wallpapers these strips, even though ostensible "formal", have a more casual feel due to the loose hand painted look

The richness achieved in this room is due to the "translucency" of the paint glaze, which allows the light to travel through the paint layers and reflect back the richness of the pigments, unavailable with flat paint of printed wall papers.


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A dusty quality can be achieved with the ‘colourwash’ using paler colours over deep tones.

These finishes have a softening effect, where they compliment period dwellings or where the architecture is to harsh.



This Victorian ‘ Villa’ style house unfortunately suffers from a dark hallway, because‘ Colourwashes’ are translucent it allows for rich colours to be uses where there is a lack of light.

So one isn’t forced into a pale palette