RESIDENTIAL- traditional 2
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A stately drawing room and ante-room is treated in an elegant 'bleached woodgrain' finish

The finish is applied over walls which have mouldings fitted giving the feeling of panelled walls

       close up

The secret of elegance here is the pale and soft background allowing a subtle background for the fine furnishings and paintings

The skirting boards are also grained in a 'burr walnut' effect giving a sharp border and a little detail which presents a foil to the wood of the furniture.


The walls in this living room are treated with a visually textured finish, which give a sumptuous strong feel and the large pattern achieved is reminiscent of a William Morris wallpaper.


This exclusive hotel reception area is treated with sienna ‘faux marble’ and soft salmon ‘colourwashes’ which compliment the neo classical interior

This gives a timeless elegance that would be hard to achieve with flat paint without it becoming dull.


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