RESIDENTIAL - contemporary
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The abstract nature of this colourwash gives a warm yet contemporary feel to this stylish penthouse apartment. See how the multicoloured, multilayered nature of this finish relates to the colour and texture of objects such as furniture and paintings.

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  On this wall there are at least 3 - 4 translucent layers which gives a depth flat paint or paper cannot achieve.


A contemporary kitchen wall is treated with a rich "velvety" look. Finished in a "dead flat" finish which even feels like velvet!


This most unusually designed room has no less the 22 wall planes! Not an easy room to design for to photograph for that matter



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Having fun with a variety of colours extenuates the interesting wall layout


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The wall finish uses subtle colourwashes which are applied in layers, the rich 'washes' are applied over a yellowy cream throughout which give unity and warmth

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charlottes quay wall lrg.JPG (40191 bytes)



Here the multi layer quality of this colourwash is very clear with plenty of movement and contasts

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In this hall the walls are large and bare so the suble pattern from a soft colourwash brakes the monotony and adds interest


Teenagers bedroom

Walls treated will various shades of Mauve which ties in with curtains and bed cover