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Antique 'Pine' panelling give structure and warmth to this hallway


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This luxury hotel lobby is treated with trompe l'oeil panelling above the dado, complete with splits in the timber and worn paint, which gives an elegant period feel, all painted directly onto the wall.

Trompe L'oeil Panelling of a Burr Walnut
panel in a mahogany frame (display in exhibition)

A stately drawing room and ante-room is treated in an elegant 'bleached woodgrain finish.

The finish is applied over walls which have mouldings applied giving the feeling of panelled walls

as above this 'oak' panelling is painted directly onto the wall using real mouldings in this conference room

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"Pepper Canister" Church Doors
Oak Graining


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The church has traditionally been a good employer of decorative painting. 

Here is an example of Oak grained doors an ecclesiastical favourite!


a close up



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trompe l'oeil mahogany panelling

The Dado area in this corridor is made up by applying a skirting and dado rail then graining over and on the wall giving the illusion of full wainscotting

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One of 120 mahogany grained doors in a hotel, the door and the surrounding architraves are made of MDF but are transformed and given the richness of spanish mahogany and old pine