Mural - Michelangelo's Creation
from the Sistine Chapel ceiling (scale larger than original)

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Canvas 3.5m x 7m (10ft x 20ft) is secured to the studio wall with batons top and bottom.

Once the canvas is up, then it is primed, which not only seals the surface but also stretches the cloth as it shrinks, leaving a taught surface.

After the primer has dried the first layer are applied as an over all background.

Hard as it is to see, after the background is dry the initial sketching is rendered, this is done using an old technique of "grid work". 

The source picture and the whole canvas are gridded out in squares making scaling up more accurate.

Blocking in the Flesh background

Painting the Cloth

starting the green cloth

finishing touches

final resting place Plan Expo trade exhibition, the mural now has a Joke attached.

Samples of work are hung either side, showing  trompe l'oeil, marble and wood finishes